Once my company signs up as a Lasalle Cleaners customer, how do I let other employees know that this service is available?

We help introduce other employees to our service by presenting the information through the office manager, company meeting, payroll stuffers, or however you prefer. At this time we will let you know your pick-up and delivery days, and where in the building we will be picking up from and delivering to.

How soon will Lasalle Cleaners service begin?

Employees who have signed up for the service can start immediately. Each employee who uses our services will be given an Express bag and tag to put their garments in. If you use the service more than once a week, two Express bags will be provided.

Will pick-up and delivery disrupt activity within the office?

Never. Our Route Service Representatives work hard to make sure that your day-to-day business is not disturbed when picking up and delivering items. Normal scheduled times and punctual service will ensure a smooth operation.

Does my company get involved in payment of services on behalf of our employees?

No. Once you agree to let Lasalle Cleaners provide this service, you will not need to be involved in any way. Employees will be billed directly for services and have the choice of paying with our convenient monthly auto charge program, or by personal check.

Who do my employees contact about billing or any other questions regarding your service?

For billing questions, call 419-242-2391. Hit 1 for customer service and let the customer service representative know that you are a route customer and have a billing question. They will put you in touch with the route billing manager.

Our Route Service Representatives are available to answer any other of your questions or assist you in any way.

They can be reached at 419-248-CLEAN (2532).