We try to implement Earth friendly initiatives at every opportunity. Here are a few ways we try to be examples of responsible stewardship at Lasalle Cleaners:

  • Safe Cleaning Solvents – we use Earth-friendly cleaning fluid to clean your clothes, including SYSTEMK4 solutions;
  • Waste – in an attempt to create zero waste, we’re using 100% recyclable clear plastic wrap to protect your clean clothes, we’ve eliminated excess paper in our packaging, and all of our printed materials are on recycled paper;
  • Recycling – we will reuse or recycle any hangers you return to us and we’ll recycle your clear plastic wrap (put them in your Lasalle Cleaners laundry bag with your dirty clothes when you drop off your cleaning);
  • Modern Machines – we use the latest and most efficient cleaning technology and machinery to clean and press your clothing;
  • Energy – we look for renewable energy sources where possible and have installed technology solutions to minimize the amount of energy we use in our stores;
  • Water – We try to minimize water usage and consumption;
  • “Tagless” Tracking – we have invested in the latest technology to track your clothes while they are in our care without needing paper tags, pins, or staples.